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In this video tutorial, I’ll explain 2 ways to merge changes to the base branch from the feature branch.

Let’s learn together 2 ways to merge the changes to the base branch from the feature branch.
1. Normal merge and
2. Using the ` — squash` option to squashing multiple commits into a single commit.

And let’s also learn 2 strategies used by git to merge the changes based on the base branch changes.
1. Fast-Forward strategy and
2. 3-way merge strategy

Please leave comments if you want me to cover a specific topic in the next tutorial.

If you are building a web app using React, Vue, Angular, or with any of your favorite front end framework, you need to talk to backend APIs for CRUD operations. Let's say you want to build a prototype of the app quickly, but you don't have the backend APIs ready yet, what will do in this case? The best way is to have mock data from a fake server.

How to create mock data, we have so many libraries that can help us achieve this goal, but in this post, I’m considering using miragejs with React.

Why am I considering…

If you are the one using the most popular frontend library React to build your UI, you might have definitely heard about props and state which triggers the UI update as and when there is a change to either of them; the state could be a local state(synchronous) or network state(asynchronous).

Managing the state in the React is always been a talk of the down with so many libraries in hand such as, redux, mobx, recoil, and the list goes on, let me explain to you how we can leverage this without adding any additional dependency to the app and…

As I’ve promised in my previous post that
I’m going to explain to you the intermediate/advanced concepts that most of the developers are not using it frequently or not aware of.

I’m going to talk about the rebase command in this post which is used relatively less by developers.

Let’s get started,


Technically, rebasing helps to combine or move the commits on top of the base branch, so that the history of the current branch is up to date with the base branch (master branch — most of the time).

Rebasing can be helpful to squash the commits into…

If you are a software developer you must be aware of the most popular version control system used; git. I love git CLI for my day-to-day developer tasks, I use it for rebasing, committing and to resolve merge conflicts and so on. Few prefer GUI clients such as Sourcetree over CLI. Being a developer using a CLI makes you look smart in front of non-developers.

In this post, I’m going to explain to you the useful commands that I’m using for years and have benefited me to be more productive, hope this post will help you to be a little…

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Senior Software Engineer, Loves coding and helping aspiring engineers

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